Chimpanzee Productions’ logo was inspired by Thomas Allen Harris’ visit to the Nazca lines – a series of enigmatic geoglyphs in Peru. For Thomas, one of the earth carvings, a monkey made by indigenous shamans for celestial eyes, came to symbolize the company’s quest to illuminate the Human Condition using audio-visual media to uncover ancient truths.

Chimpanzee Productions, Inc., founded in 1992 by Thomas Allen Harris, is dedicated to producing unique visual experiences that embody the search for identity, family, and spirituality. Chimpanzee Productions utilizes a wide range of media, including video, still photography, installations, performance and film, to draw audiences into an internal and external dialogue that transcends the artificial barriers which separate people from each other and themselves. Our films seek to create a sense of community and self-integration that exults in shared experience and wisdom, to find a deeper truth in the joy of being “human”.

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion: One World, One Family™

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion (DDFR) is a multimedia community engagement initiative where individuals are encouraged to explore the rich and revealing historical narratives found within their own family photograph collections. The highlight of the initiative includes a touring DDFR Roadshow (http://1world1family.me/introducing-digital-diaspora-family-reunion/) that activates family photographic archives; DDFR.tv (http://ddfr.tv), an online web portal that creates community across time and space; and the DDFR SocialNet (http://ddfrsocialnet.ning.com/), a user-generated-content driven social community where people can upload and share their family photographs and stories. This important and timely project provides a gathering place where all these lost, neglected and discarded shards of history can be used to educate, illuminate and entertain (http://1world1family.me/jazz-giant-jimmy-heath-visits-with-ddfr-louis-armstrong-house-museum/).

DDFR Roadshows combine public media screenings and community photo sharing sessions, culminating in a Grand Finale event (http://1world1family.me/brooklyn-college-roadshow-grand-finale/), to reveal the fullness of Who We Are and the hidden history of a community as told by the images and stories of the people who live there. Digital Diaspora Family Reunion activates personal family photographs and the stories behind them to create community and celebrate shared values, demonstrating that what unites us is greater than our differences.

DDFR has received support from, among others, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Rockefeller Foundation New York City Cultural Innovation Fund, Nathan Cummings Foundation, CrossCurrents Foundation and National Black Programming Consortium.