Through A Lens Darkly

Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People

The film explores the history of Black photography and representation, and how contemporary artists use this material as inspiration in their visual storytelling. More info »

Digital Diaspora Roadshow

A Companion Transmedia Project

An audience engagement to discover connections between family archives and the film’s historical narrative, thus creating new communal linkages that underlie our common humanity. More info »

Photos From The DDFR Community

These are recent photos submitted by online participants.

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion visited Houston Cinema Arts Festival last year. We were able to gather stories and photographs from many participants including Dee DeeDee Halleck and her family! To see more of what went down in Houston, visit our Flickr: 
Special Thanks to Project Row Houses and Eldorado Ballroom!
My mom in Ft. Greene Park in Brooklyn by the monument. I think this is my brother Kenneth. I like the stroller/carriage they had "back then."
My Uncle Benny. I don't know who the children are or what year this. I love the car!
My great-great-grandmother.
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