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Detroit is The Future…And It’s Okay!

What’s Your Detroit Story?

As part of a new television series being filmed for PBS’ WORLD Channel, Family Pictures: USA will be in Detroit for a series of filmed interviews with average Detroiters to get their take on the Motor City, its past, present and future, as seen through the family photo album. Our theme is “Detroit is the Future…And it’s Okay!” and we want to illuminate that special Detroit that has always been there…through the bad times, certainly, but also during the good times…those times spent with family, friends, neighbors, the people we love and who love us. That Detroit is the real Detroit. It doesn’t always get mentioned in newspapers or magazines; seen on movie screens or television sets. But that, to us, it the only Detroit that really matters.

Bring a selection of your favorite photographs – digital or actual photo – to our Community Photo- Sharing Sessions (see the schedule) and spend 10-15 minutes with our Family Pictures: USA Production Team telling us about YOUR Detroit story.

Sessions are First Come, First Served…and interview spots are limited to the first 30 participants (individuals and singles welcome; as are couples, friends and family groups – families by birth and by choice are all welcome!) who sign-up.

To reserve your spot, please send an email to: 1World1Family.me@gmail.com and mention: “My Detroit Story” in the subject line. You can also call us at: (212) 281 – 6002 and ask for: “Detroit Desk.”

And be sure to check out the Family Pictures: USA Trailer

Family Pictures: USA Trailer

Family Pictures: USA is a documentary-style magazine show, filmed before a live studio audience, that journeys through a rapidly changing landscape where the foundations of a familiar and idealized “AMERICA” are being transformed.

The Mighty Joe Von Battle – Requiem for a Record Shop Man

My father, the late Joe Von Battle, was an important mid-century recorder and producer of blues and gospel music in Detroit, from 1945 until 1967. He has been called the “Chess of Detroit”, referring to the iconic Chicago Record company, and is regarded by many as a cornerstone in the building of the “Detroit Sound.”

Before You Came, We Were Here: An Ojibway Family & The Making of Detroit

Chantel Henry (Ginew Kwe or "Golden Eagle Woman") became aware of her and her family's deep connection to the city of Detroit about four years ago. We are so honored that she decided to share with us the story of how her grandparents, Arnold and Freda Henry, came to Detroit and her family's rich history in the city.

Photos From The DDFR Community

These are recent photos submitted by online participants.

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