My Grandfather The War Hero

Albert Sidney Johnson (1880 – 1947) was born in Lexington Virginia, the eldest of five children. Both of his parents had been born into slavery. His father, James, worked as a cook at the Virginia Military Institute; while his mother, Emma, worked as a housekeeper at Washington College. Al attended primary school for only four […]

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DDFR Pierre Thiam @ Brooklyn

Pierre Thiam, chef at the Senegalese restaurant Le Grand Dakar, reminisces while displaying his family photographs with Thomas in his home and at the DDFR road show in Brooklyn, NY. Pierre credits his aunt with capturing the countless memories in Dakar that are laid out in his dining room table, one of his mother wearing […]

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DDFR @ Atlanta

On Saturday February 21st, Thomas Allen Harris delivered the final program of the Integrated Media Association – Public Media Conference held at the West Peachtree Plaza in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Following a screening of excerpts from the “Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People” documentary and multimedia outreach project – […]

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INTRODUCING: Digital Diaspora Family Reunion

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion is a touring Roadshow that travels across the African Diaspora to uncover the hidden treasures in family photographic archive. Individuals are invited to explore the rich and revealing historical narratives found within their own family photograph albums and share their stories with the world.

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Profile: Thomas E. Askew

Thomas E. Askew (1848? – 1914) Atlanta’s first African American photographer. Began his photography career in the 1880s at Motes Studio downtown Atlanta. Later operated his own studio from home on Summit Avenue. Three years after his death, the Great Fire of 1917 destroyed all of his photographic equipment and negatives. “African American History Tour […]

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NOW SHOWING: Hank Willis Thomas

Employing visual language and materials commonly used in mass media, artist Hank Willis Thomas traces black history through visual culture in an attempt to dissect, reinterpret, and re-imagine iconic moments from the “black past” and to investigate the complexity of race in America in the 21st century.

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E Minha Cara/That’s My Face

E Minha Cara/That’s My Face is a mythopoetic odyssey exploring identity and spirituality across three generations of an African-American family. USA, East Africa and Brazil. Shari Frilot, Programmer, 2002 Sundance Film Festival: Astoundingly beautiful and epic in scope, That’s My Face (é minha cara) is a personal documentary offering an entire generation of African Americans […]

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VINTAGE – Families of Value

VINTAGE – Families of Value is an impressionistic documentary film which intimately explores three African-American families through the eyes of lesbian and gay male siblings — two or more in the same family. Vintage: Families of Value is a thoughtful and sometimes painful examination of three black families through the eyes of gay and lesbian […]

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