Below is a sample of Digital Diaspora Roadshow participant feedback we have received through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Thank you!

Margaret M. Chin (Associate Professor of Sociology at Hunter College and the Graduate Center)
“Congrats on Through A Lens Darkly. It is powerful, thoughtful and beautiful!”

Allicia Hall Moran (Bess at The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess National Tour)
“Penetrating lessons in history from the EXTRAORDINARY film Through A Lens Darkly via its maker, a brilliant human being, Thomas Allen Harris… Deborah Willis, Hank Willis Thomas, Dawoud Bey, Renee Cox and Carrie Mae Weems delivering narratives that turned on a light for me. A new light. REAL TALK.”

Kimberly Wade (ICP – International Center of Photography)
“Thank you so much for this wonderful and necessary piece of work! I left the theater proud, reaffirmed, uplifted and education. There are so many artists in this project that I have studied and purchased their books. Sitting there hearing these talented people of color voice so many thoughts, ideas and concerns that I, myself, have experienced, gave me a sense of peace. It also affirmed the decisions and sacrifices I have made over the past 4 years to switch careers and pursue fine art photography.
I was familiar with a good bit of the information because of independent research. I sought out more information about Black visual artists after feeling underwhelmed by the brief mention of Gordan Parks and James VanDerZee in my art school’s History of Photography class. As I sat there, inspired but cursing my brain knowing I would only be able to retain a few sentences, I hoped that this movie will go beyond the theater screen to become a true study in every art history curriculum. Is there a DVD available for purchase? I’d love to watch it again to study it. Thank you so much for this inspiring work!”

Saddi Khali (Photographer)
“if u r a PHOTOGRAPHER of any level who shoots people, i think its integral 4 u go see THROUGH A LENS DARKLY!!!! enormously educational documentary!”

Von Harris (The New School)
“This film was absolutely incredible!! I truly enjoyed every frame. I laughed and cried. Thank you Thomas for bringing us this masterpiece!! I was touched, moved and inspired!!”

Stephanie Biddle (Actor Singer Narrator at Sag-Aftra NY)
“Got to give props to Dr. Deborah Willis, her film was an eye opening journey into American history…the images and aspirations of Black people in this country. What an outstanding production! Well done, and Thank You so much for your artistic and creative endeavor.”

Bill Cole (Teachers College, Columbia University)
“Just saw the film today and found it deeply moving. I also learned a whole lot about the history of black photographers in this country. Excellent work!”

Kathy Sloane (Former Freelance Photographer)
“thank you for taking me to see this superb film.”

Reggie Tyler
“Just saw it this weekend in NY. I was informed, enlightened and strengthen!! Thank You!!”

Rod Patrick Risbrook (NYU)
“Saw the film yesterday, y’all! POWERFUL!!!!!!!!”

Senait Asfaw (United Nations Development Programme – UNDP)
“I watched the photo-documentary “Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People,” last Friday after office hours. I send my heartfelt appreciation to all the players and the cultural wizards who assembled this poignant, all-encompassing and highly representative visual history of African-Americans who are destined for greatness, and whose collective spirit, mind and body enrich the lives of all races by inspiring and by educating people across national borders to aspire for a higher humanness, for divine clarity, for peace and happiness while the human species is still existing on the only livable land that we know to date – our Earth. However, the still-remaining moral question is how systematically and how rapidly do groups and societies declare their accountability, do repair and do equitably compensate the populations that they have wronged for the most part knowingly? Also, what is the nature of the necessary struggle as time progresses and as new crisis of seemingly global proportion populate the airwaves and require the diversion of public and corporate funds towards national and international causes while the people in the struggle have not been compensated adequately and equitably? In order to fulfill the vision of a people that is perfectly captured in “Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People,” the “eye” must be kept on the Prize by a community of African-Americans parents and children, intellectuals, artists, educators, business people, doctors, scientists, and others, who are already engaged on a highly-demanding and focused mission to build and to sustain their economic, their social, and their cultural capital for themselves and the generations to come, while, as they have always done, including and interacting with other Americans and the world – the characteristic of inclusion of the “other” being the highest and the sacred symbol of humanity to date. Thank you for encouraging me to explore deeper as who we are as Ethiopians, Africans and citizens of the world, and also for confirming that the family album is a major source of information, especially for people whose existence and essence is for the most part effaced, misrepresented and diluted by the dominant visual media.”

Patricia S. Jones (@pksjones1 / Poet, Playwright, Anthologist, Author)
“Thomas Allen Harris’ Through a Lens Darkly is an important documentary about family, images, race, racism and American culture. Go & see it”

Rachel Faith (@rfwomon)
“THROUGH A LENS DARKLY: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People Such an important and timeless film. Esp. Now”

Reginald Ferguson (@The1Reg)
“I saw this yesterday. You should too. It’s important: ‘Through a Lens Darkly,’ on African-American Photography

Melissa Pavri (@MellifluousP)
“ … amazing film, powerful tribute to both the seen and unseen histories of blackness in America”

Joyce Jenkins (@TheJoyceJenkins / Author)
“Saw Through a Lens Darkly by Thomas Allen Harris @ the Film Forum. Excellent journey into African-American photography. Highly recommend it.”

Genet (@betwixtandbtwn)
“my heart is incredibly full and my mind running with possibilities after just watching the amazing documentary Through a Lens Darkly.”

Earl Douglas (@edouglas528 / Executive Director for the NY Chapter of The Black Rock Coalition)
“@ObaOxum and @vurnt22 post screening of the excellent Through A Lens Darkly @FilmForumNYC. MUST SEE
Still wrapping my head around how extraordinary Through A Lens Darkly is while Starbucks here on West Bway is playing slamming reggae.”

Tarrice Love (@infamoustlove)
“Through A Lens Darkly” Every black photographer should go see this film…. It’s enlightening”

Jason Moran (@morethan88)
“Really fantastic and provoking documentary by @DDFRtv Through A Lens Darkly at @FilmForumNYC for another few days. An incredible document.”

Arise on Screen (@AriseOnScreen)
“This Documentary is a must see! It made me cry!” -@BobbyRiversTV #ThroughALensDarkly @obaoxum @ddfrtv #BlackPhotography #AriseTV

Nick Witham (@ndwitham / Historian of United States)
“Saw “Through a Lens Darkly” @FilmForumNYC on Sat. A brilliant film about Af Am photographers. I hope it comes to UK!”

Lord Horatio (@Lord_horatio)
“Just saw the most moving piece of documentary work. “Through a lens darkly” is a true testament to the power of the still image. Whatever your creed, If you wished to be moved by beauty in the face of adversity you should check it out. Shout out to @swatters for bringing it to my attention.”

Bernard J. Tarver (@BTarverWrites / Theatrical Producer)
“Go see #ThroughALensDarkly. Excellent documentary on Black community use of photography to define ourselves. …”

Evoking the mulatto (@EvokingMulatto)
“Must see! The powerful #ThroughALensDarkly at @FilmForumNYC @DDFRtv uncovering history of blk photography #WEAREHERE”

Bobby Rivers (@BobbyRiversTV)
“I highly recommend this new documentary. My repost: History in THROUGH A LENS DARKLY …”

Creatively Speaking (@CreativeSpFilm)
“If you haven’t seen @ObaOxum “Through A Lens Darkly” you don’t know what you’re missing! @FilmForumNYC until 9/9/14!

Gene Trent (
“Good deal. Just wanted to be sure you knew I responded to you. How did you like what you heard you said? Very interesting stuff. Good history lesson for the photo community. Photography is still very much slanted towards the celebration of white photography and photographers. Very few black photographers (or other people of color) among the “celebrated” photogs. Even though many, many, many of us are doing good and important work. Oh well, that’s the way it has always been but maybe your film can help to open a few eyes, and start a conversation which might change minds, attitudes, create some opportunities.”