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Digital Diaspora Family Reunion Visits Yale University for 1Yale1Family Project!

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion was invited for a special Black History Month kickoff event at the Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale University. The Center saw our DDFR Roadshow as a way to build community and celebrate our shared values and experiences, particularly after the turbulence on Yale campus the previous fall. The Yale New Haven communities […]

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Digital Diaspora Family Reunion in the Classroom at Temple University

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion started off the school year at Temple University! Thomas Allen Harris and Don Perry were invited by the Film Media Arts department to bring a mini-DDFR workshop for students to engage with narratives within their own family albums as well as to bridge inter-generational and cross-cultural differences. Stories and photographs were […]

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Photography by Ocean Morisset

Down by the Riverside – A Poem by Kezia Roberts with Photography by Ocean Morisset

Introduction by Thomas Allen Harris: Last month I was invited to participate in a panel exploring the intersection of Diaspora with contemporary art practice. The panel included presentations by Canadian filmmaker Shanti Thakur, author Michael Thomas, ethnomusicologist Mark Slobin and myself, followed by a lively discussion about the meaning and importance of Diaspora and identity […]

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Elaine’s Precious Photos

  Digital Diaspora Family Reunion was gifted a remarkable photo album from Myrla, which she received from her mother in law, Elaine R. Howell-Meade (1922-1998). Myrla’s father and Elaine knew each other for many years, but they did not get married until they were in their late 70’s. Elaine grew up in the Bronx, NY […]

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