End of April Highlights from Digital Diaspora Family Reunion Facebook Group

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion chose highlights at the end of April. Here are some of the photographs and stories that were posted in our DDFR Facebook Group. We hope that these stories brighten your day, and maybe even inspire you to share your own! 


“I finally got around to watching Through A Lens Darkly. The film has now inspired me to go through my old family photos. In my search, I found this portrait of me when I was five years old. My father’s side is from Tuskegee, Al. and we have a long rich family legacy with the Institute. P. H. Polk was the photogapher. Thank you, Thomas Allen Harris, for this film it is a true treasure. Ok, enough of my gushing, I have decided to work on my family photo album as a summer project.” –  Thomas Poole


“This (photo below) is my husband and his people. (He’s the eldest son). His father Victor, the gentleman in the center of the family photo, and his uncle on the right, are mostly of African descent from the coastal region. I believe his mother Paulina was from Arequipa and is mostly Indian with some Spanish.” – Soraya Rios from the costal region (in Peru)


Rios Family, Callao, PERU 1960s

Rios Family, Callao, PERU 1960s




“It was suggested I repost these photos side by side, to see all the generations, through 87 years. The older photo is of four generations of my family in 1928. The little boy is my father, the young woman in white my grandmother. Standing is my great grandmother, seated my great great grandmother (neither of whom I ever met). The newer photo is five generations in 2005. The older man is the little boy in the old picture – my father at 80. The seated woman is the young woman in white from the old picture – my grandmother, then at 100. She’s holding her great great granddaughter, flanked by her granddaughter (my sister) and her great granddaughter (my niece).” – Connie Bottinelli

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