Brooklyn College Roadshow Participants prepare for DDFR Grand Finale Thursday

The Digital Diaspora Family Reunion (DDFR) collaborates with project sponsor, the Brooklyn College Community Partnership (BCCP) for the lively week of filming for the “DDFR Brooklyn College Roadshow” where over sixty (60) Brooklyn College Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and local residents brought in Family Photos that gave a peak into the great diversity of communities that make up Brooklyn College.

Diane Reiser – BCCP Chief Operating Officer, Steve Ausbury – BCCP Program Director, and the entire BCCP staff coordinated with professors, administrators, student groups and clubs to make the DDFR Roadshow Photo Sharing Experience fun and accessible for everyone within the Brooklyn College community.

Six location across the Brooklyn College Campus were designated “Photo Sharing Zones” where participants could share some of their photos and a bit of themselves.

James Hall, Boylan Hall, West End Building, the Student Center, Roosevelt Hall, and the College Library & Archives became mini “production hubs” where the film teams from Chimpanzee Productions photographed, videotaped, and interviewed Brooklyn College Students and Faculty.

Brooklyn College student and Coast Guard Veteran, Jesus Gonzales, was one of the first participants to bring his photos to W.E.B. on Tuesday followed by Film Society President Olujimi Otulaga.

Not to be outdone – several Brooklyn College Faculty shared their families stories including Dean Maria Ann Conelli of the School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts and Penelope Terry, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment for Brooklyn College.

Many of Brooklyn College’s special programs and institutes were represented in the DDFR multimedia roadshow including the Environmental Studies Program Director, Micha Tomkiewicz and Robert Scott from the ERIS/BMI Program.

Were you unable to participate this week? Come to the “Grand Finale” – a mulitmedia show reflecting the stories of Brooklyn College students, faculty, administration, alumni, retirees, BCCP participants and others.

It will take place next Thursday, October 25 at SUBO (Brooklyn College Student Union Building on Campus Road and East 27th Street) at 5:00pm.

The DDFR production teams from Chimpanzee Productions would like to join the Staff of BCCP in thanking all the participants and supporters who help to make the DDFR Roadshow at Brooklyn College a reality.  But wait – there is more!! Look out for upcoming news stories at DDFR – check out the great piece on  NY1 and join for the “Grand Finale” on Thursday.

Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors, the Brooklyn College Community Partnership (BCCP) as well as all of the supportive members of the Brooklyn College Community.  We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!!

BCCP sponsors the DDFR Brooklyn College Roadshow

Grand Finale

Thursday, October 25th, 2012



Brooklyn College Student Union Building

Campus Road and East 27th Street


For More Info:

Contact Steve Ausbury
Phone: 718-951-5000 x 6031

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