DDFR Concludes Roadshow at Harlem Stage!

The Harlem Stage Gatehouse was sold-out for the Grand Finale of the Digital Diaspora Family Reunion (DDFR) Road on Sunday, February 27th. The lively celebration hosted by Thomas Allen Harris was the concluding the Harlem edition of the national DDFR Roadshow. During its week-long residency at Harlem Stage, the DDFR Roadshow conducted Family Photo Interviews with 19 New Yorkers.

Top row: l Martine Gauthier, c – Donna Cashman & daughter Shannon Danzy, r – Deborah Cochrane.
2nd row: lLinda Holmes, c – Arianne Edmonds, r – Grace Ali.
3rd row: lVoza Rivers, c – Frances Horne & son Jay Horne, r – Dwania Kyles.
4th row: lSylvia Isabel, c – Dr. Georgiana Falu, r – Marc Polite.
5th row: lA. Surya Peterson, c – Dr. Mary Marshall, r – Cheryl Minor.
6th row: lRegine Romain, r – Lana Turner
The DDFR team reviewed an estimated 800 photos, documents, and mementos brought in by Roadshow participants. The Harlem Stage Crew worked closely with the DDFR staff and team of volunteers to ensure that Thomas Allen Harris’ Sunday multimedia presentation was enjoyable for the Gatehouse audience as well as the online viewers who tuned in from around the tri-state area and as far as West Africa.
To see more photos from the roadshow, visit our Flickr album.
Would you like the DDFR Roadshow to come to your community?
Email 1world1family.me@gmail.com to receive more information.

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