Hollywood Premiere for DDFR Roadshow!


The latest Digital Diaspora Family Reunion roadshow was successfully held at Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood, CA on September 26th. This roadshow was hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in partnership with the International Documentary Association for this year’s Getting Real Conference in Los Angeles.

img_0604_hollywoodIn a first for DDFR (but certainly not the last!) this Roadshow featured home movies contributed by the family of The Nicholas Brothers, shot by the brothers Fayard and Harold over the course of many years and during their extensive world tours.

Fayard’s son Tony Nicholas and his wife, daughter and grand kids joined Thomas Allen Harris on stage to talk about the films, while his grand kids stole the show with an impromptu dance routine inspired by their famous grandfather.

img_0605_hollywoodThey were also joined by Rale Sidebottom who shared a short family film montage of his great grandmother as a baby with her father and mother, shot in San Francisco in 1918 as an audition reel for his great great grandfather when Hollywood studios were rumored to be searching for talent for a new film studio to be built there.

The combination of family films and photographs made for a scintillating evening of stories and images that effectively captured the ethos of DDFR – transforming strangers from all over the globe into family and uniting us all in our common humanity. On a night characterized by the first presidential debate and a reception for new Academy members, the DDFR Roadshow drew a large and engaged audience, who shared a wide range of stories and images.


To see more photos from the roadshow, visit our Flickr album.


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