Elaine’s Precious Photos


Terrence and Ester012

Terrence and Ester

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion was gifted a remarkable photo album from Myrla, which she received from her mother in law, Elaine R. Howell-Meade (1922-1998). Myrla’s father and Elaine knew each other for many years, but they did not get married until they were in their late 70’s. Elaine grew up in the Bronx, NY with her parents and sister. In this album there are antique self portraits, wedding photos taken by famed Harlem photographer Austin Hansen, beach photos and more.

Enjoy and take a glimpse at some of the photographs to see if you recognize any familiar faces, places or stories. Please feel free to email us at 1World1family.me@gmail.com. It is 1World1Family, let’s make a change.


Aunt Lou

Aunt Lou


A Hansen

Wedding photograph taken by Harlem photographer Austin Hansen

3 females at the beach025

Beach Day

Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio, Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn NY

Week ending Sept.17 1955052

Aug/Sept 1955

To Aunt Willie from Sylvia

“To Aunt Willie, From Sylvia”

Portrait 050


Portrait 050Man sitting down023

Ca. 1950s

Ca. 1950s

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