The Gordon Parks: 100 Years Exhibit @ the ICP

From May 18, 2012 to January 6, 2013, the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York is exhibiting Gordon Parks: 100 Years.

From the ICP gallery website:

“The window installation of three screens is viewable from outside the museum 24 hours a day for free to the public.”

“To commemorate the centennial of the birth of photographer, filmmaker, musician, and writer Gordon Parks (1912–2006), the International Center of Photography in cooperation with The Gordon Parks Foundation will present the installation Gordon Parks: 100 Years, including a large-scale photo mural and slideshow of more than 50 photographs he captured throughout his long, illustrious career. The installation was curated by Dr. Maurice Berger.”

“The 20-foot-by-13-foot photo mural features Emerging Man, one of Parks’ iconic images captured in Harlem in 1952. Three video screens will display his stunning images, which explore such issues as urban and rural poverty, racism and prejudice, politics, and the historic Civil Rights Movement.”

“Gordon Parks: 100 Years was curated by Berger in conjunction with ICP and The Gordon Parks Foundation, a division of the Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation.”
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  1. chris August 15, 2012 at 10:14 am #

    I would love to see the slideshow for the pictures. It would be a great mixture of the great photos. I really love viewing slideshows. 

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