Through A Lens Darkly Documentary nears completion

“Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People” is a feature length, documentary and multimedia outreach project that explores how African American communities have used the medium of photography to construct political, aesthetic, and cultural representations of themselves and their world. This will be the first film to vividly bring to life the individual photographers and photographer collectives – both anonymous and celebrated – whose images and personalities helped define and transform the lives of African Americans through the magic and power of the camera lens.

“Through A Lens Darkly” incorporates both the proven traditional models of Outreach & Community Engagement as well as the emerging venues of multimedia and interactive programming. Our strategic Distribution and Outreach plan employs an integrated “transmedia” approach to reaching viewers. Theatrical release in key North American cities, PBS national broadcast, Film Festival competitions, and regional community screenings will be interwoven into a rich complement of multiplatform interactive, mobile device, and web-based activities that can tap into the energy, creativity, and extended communities of our current and future television, internet, and multimedia audiences.

“Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People” will be produced by an exceptional team of filmmakers, artists, scholars, and educators. Lead by award winning director Thomas Allen Harris and noted scholar Dr. Deborah Willis, “Through A Lens Darkly” commenced a comprehensive production schedule in January 2008 and has an anticipated national broadcast, theatrical, and multimedia release in 2012.


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