Trudy Erwin: Preserving Family History

Trudy Erwin

My photo project began shortly after my father died in 2001. It was then that I took possession of several carrousels of slides as well as many photos. My collection of photos grew even more with the death of two aunts. It was my plan for this to be a retirement project but I decided to begin sooner with the slides. I began by researching online businesses that converted slides to digital and found a company in California that was having a sale on scanning. I boxed up about 600 slides and mailed them to California. Within two weeks I had the slides back as well as a CD and DVD of my photos.

In 2008 my computer crashed resulting in loosing all data and photos except those scanned slides that were on the CD. At that time I purchased an Apple Mac Book and started taking IPhoto classes. This was very helpful in learn how to organize my photos on my computer.

Trudy Erwin

My next step was to go through a couple of thousand photos and selected the ones I wanted scanned. Now that I had some organizing tips I arranged about 800 photos in groups by person (Mom, Dad etc) and events (Best of Christmas). I sent them away to the same company and now have them all on my computer and can view on my TV as well. I have set up many albums on my Mac Book using these photos. The project continues but I have a good handle on it. I now have an IPad and my photos travel with me. It is great to have them at family celebrations or even hospital visits. In fact, they went to Las Vegas for my aunt’s 90th birthday. The project continues and my daughter and sister have benefited because they now have all the photos on their computers as well.

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