• Renee Cox

    Jamaican-American artist Renee Cox sits down with director Thomas Allen Harris on the set of 2016 Emmy Award nominated doc, Through A Lens Darkly! In this outtake, she talks about […]

  • Freedom is Knowledge

    Scholar and Writer, Richard Powell sits down with filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris and discuss the connection between Freedom and the power of Knowledge.

  • Lorna Simpson

    Artist Lorna Simpson talks about seeing the value of her photographic works on the set of Emmy nominated film Through A Lens Darkly.

  • Remembering Hugh Bell

    “Through A Lens Darkly” Short Shot with photographer Hugh Bell reflecting on photography.

  • “Finding a Lost Photo” with Barbara Krauthamer

    Scholar Barbara Krauthamer talks about her unique experience while visiting a vintage store.

  • “Dolly” – Runaway Slave

    “Through A Lens Darkly” Short Shot with Deborah Willis and Barbara Krauthamer, about a runaway slave named “Dolly” and what her freedom represents.

  • Love of Hip-Hop

    Brooklyn based photographer Adama Delphine Fawundu-Buford talks about one of her major influences in this "Through A Lens Darkly" short.