Who are Harlem’s Treasures?

DDFR ROADSHOW is Fun for the Whole Family!

DDFR, in cooperation with The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, encourages the public to nominate individuals for consideration as ‘Harlem Treasures.’

Who is a Harlem Treasure?

We are looking for people whose contributions to the community help make Harlem, HARLEM! These are the individuals who put that special “something” into making their community a strong, vibrant and welcoming place for one and all. These are the folks who make Harlem a community one is proud to call “home.” These are the unsung heroes and heroines, ordinary folks, whose extraordinary presence creates a sense of community and puts the heart and soul into one of New York City’s most celebrated neighborhoods.

We are looking for those special people who aren’t politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, bold-faced names, society mavens or reality TV stars. We are looking for REAL folks, maybe someone in your family, a relative, friend, neighbor or good samaritan who touched your life in a way that made a difference to you, your block, your neighborhood. These people are the folks without whom Harlem just wouldn’t be HARLEM.

Brooklyn College students participate in DDFR family photo sharing, 2012

Nominations must include:

  1. The Name and Contact Info (phone, email, address) of the Nominee;
  2. at least one (1), but no more than (5), Digital photograph(s) of the Nominee;
  3. a Caption for each photograph, including the Names of the people shown, Date photo was taken, Location of the photo;
  4. and a 350 word (maximum) description of why your Nominee is a Harlem Treasure.

Please email your Nomination for a Harlem Treasure to: ddfrtv (at) gmail (dot) com

You can nominate more than one person. Your photographs must be of the person being nominated. Nominees must be over the age of 16. Photographs must not contain nudity or depict content of an adult nature.

Deadline for nominations is February 15th, 2013.

DDFR and The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture will select three (3) nominees as Harlem Treasures and present them at a special DDFR ROADSHOW event at The Schomburg on Saturday, February 23rd, from 4pm to 6pm.

Brooklyn College student, Olujimi Otulaja, with Thomas Allen Harris at the Grand Finale, 2012

Help us find Harlem’s Treasures!

Then, come to a special Black History Month DDFR ROADSHOW GRAND FINALE at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture on Saturday, February 23rd, from 4pm – 6pm, to recognize the special people who have made and continue to make Harlem the unique cultural community that it is. The DDFR Roadshow—the brainchild of filmmaker, journalist and educator Thomas Allen Harris—will bring together the entire Harlem community to share stories contained in their family photographs in an exciting, multimedia community photo-sharing event funded by the Rockefeller Foundation NYC Cultural Innovation Fund. Everyone, of all ages, can participate – just bring a few of your favorite family photographs to share with the audience, as well as the stories behind the pictures!

Journalist Sarah Ann Shaw presents her family history at the DDFR Roadshow in Boston, 2009

“So much of our family histories are hidden away in attics and basements or buried on hard drives and cell phones. Yet those family photos are a treasure trove of stories about where we come from and how we are connected across our various differences, which is especially important at a time when we as Americans are grappling with who we are as a country,” said Mr. Harris, CEO of Chimpanzee Productions and an award-winning filmmaker whose own family archives serve as the basis for many of his films. “Our family photographs are representations of our history and when we bring our family albums together to share, we are able to discover our shared history as a people. Each of us holds only a small piece of it, but the real power is when we bring it all together.”

Edmund Barry Gaither shares his photographs with Thomas Allen Harris in Boston, 2009

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