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Everyday Archives workshop 8

Digital Diaspora Family Reunion (DDFR) held the first afternoon workshop of the year Everyday Archives: Building Your Personal Photography Archives at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. The workshop, led by producer/writer Don Perry, provided tips to help people create a narrative using their own personal photographs and albums. Participants gathered with their vintage family photos and albums to organize and share amazing stories.

Everyday Archives workshop 2

Everyday Archives workshop 3Don Perry showed the audience how to build identity and community by sharing family photographs and storytelling. He also introduced some pictures and videos of DDFR roadshows, giving guidelines to organize photos.

Everyday Archives workshop 10During the presentation, the audience raised hands and asked questions on the subject of photography, DDFR projects and additional tips. We also had a few participants sharing their amazing family photographs and stories.

Everyday Archives workshop 2At the end of the presentation, librarians,  Megan R. Williams and Alexandra M. Mitchell, explained alternative ways to better handle family photos while at home and after the whole session, some of the audience shared more stories with each other.




Everyday Archives workshop 11

(l to r) Megan R. Williams, Alexandra M. Mitchell, Don Perry.

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